Merryn Edgar | Artist and Teacher

Merryn brings her love for art into every aspect of her life. She has lived and studied in various locations around the globe, including attending the prestigious Oxford School of Art in England. Best known for her uninhibited and generous spirit, Merryn is a celebrated leader in Arts and Culture in Downtown Galt and the Waterloo Region. She opened Gallery M to help provide a platform for local artists and makers, with a further commitment to help raise awareness for the importance of supporting artists.

Merryn is a multi-faceted artist, having worked for over 30 years in a wide variety of media. She is constantly exploring new methods. In her workshops, Merryn’s work serves as inspiration and example while she nurtures the artistry of others. Muse, master and mentor for all levels of artist – Merryn makes even the mundane magical.

“Teaching is so fulfilling and energizes me. What a privilege to watch creativity emerging from students and to see people having fun while learning.” – Merryn


Group or Private Art Classes | with Merryn

If you are interested in group or private art classes, send an e-mail to Merryn at

Art Consulting Services | with Merryn

With 30 years of experience in the art world, Merryn creates impressive inviting atmospheres. Merryn will assist with choosing art for different locations throughout any home or business. She will also help with framing choices and placement of new and existing artworks.